Upcoming Knee Replacement Seminar with Dr. Goradia


We know that the thought of getting knee surgery can be scary. Really, we understand. But if you suffer from chronic knee pain, taking this small step can lead to a giant leap in your well-being.

Over 90% of patients who undergo partial or total knee replacement are proven to have significantly less pain, and a much higher quality of life. [2] And this big improvement happens faster than you may think. In fact, with physical therapy propelling progression you could be back behind the wheel in weeks and doing light exercise in only a couple months. For most patients it’s a simple routine procedure, with nearly 100% of patients suffering no serious side effects at all. [3]

KneeAlign is a revolutionary device clinically proven to make knee surgery for accurate. Find out more about how KneeAlign can help your partial or total knee replacement surgery.

Independence is your most valuable possession. Don’t let anything take that away from you.



Hear from Dr. Goradia about the newest technology in knee replacements, and find out if you are a candidate. This patient-education event is free to the public.

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