Total Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement in Richmond, VA

Total hip replacement is an extremely successful operation for the treatment of arthritis of the hip, yet there are many ways to have it done.  One of the choices a patient and surgeon have to make is the surgical technique employed by the surgeon.  There are several “approaches” to the hip, meaning ways we get to the hip itself prior to the replacement.  To varying degrees, they all have positive and negative aspects to them, and the decision is based not only on patient preference, but surgeon knowledge, experience, and the overall clinical scenario.

The Direct Anterior (DA) approach to hip replacement has gained quite a bit of attention in the literature in the past decade, and has gained the support of many orthopedic surgeons across the world.  The technique involves spreading the muscular layers out of the way, as opposed to going through certain muscles or muscle groups, thereby minimizing muscle damage, and increasing the speed of recovery.

In the hands of an experienced surgeon, this approach has been shown to have very consistent results in terms of recovery, blood loss, minimizing complications, and having very high patient satisfaction rates.

Dr. Budny will review non-surgical treatment options for hip arthritis with you and only recommend hip replacement surgery if absolutely needed.

As a fellowship trained adult reconstruction surgeon, Dr. Budny has extensive experience with all of the mainstream approaches to the hip, but prefers this method in many cases. Dr. Budny has performed several hundred of these operations, providing him with great perspective on the advantages and pitfalls.  Happily, he has found high patient satisfaction, quick recovery, and very few issues in follow up.

Note: Every clinical scenario is different, and Dr. Budny may have to change the manner in which your hip is replaced based on your needs, or the condition of the hip itself.