Success Stories

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  • Polly Smith

    DPolly Smith

    Polly Smith judges many dog shows including the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show. Unfortunately severe knee arthritis began to limit her ability travel and judge.

    According to Polly, “I had surgery on November 8th and by January 14th, I flew to Arizona and judged 146 dogs. I used to have constant knee pain. Now, I don’t even think about my knees.”

  • Karen McCormick

    Dr. Vic Goradia

    “At first, I went to an orthopedic practice close to home. I felt more like a number than a patient.

    A close friend recommended I see Dr.Goradia for a second opinion. The great staff and personalized treatment I received at G2 made the drive from Brandermill to Chester worth it.

    After having knee surgery with Dr.Goradia, I am back on my exercise bike.”

  • Sandra Milum, 79

    Dr. Vic Goradia

    “Total left knee replacement – Dr. Goradia and his staff are very helpful and always responded if I had questions. A pleasant experience.

    No more knee pain. And I’m back as a hospital volunteer twice weekly!”

  • Shawndalyn Coggins, Basketball player

    Dr. Vic Goradia

    “Dr. Goradia has helped me by repairing my knee, and I had an easy recovery. Yes, I am back on the job, playing basketball!

    He told me exactly what to expect after my surgery. When I returned for my following visits he showed genuine concern and explained to me in detail every workout I needed to do for a full recovery.”

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Chris Young, 31 year old male

Dr. Vic Goradia

“Dr.G and his staff have exceeded expectations. Sabreena and the Nurse staff were informative, helpful and responsive.”

Rebecca Soon, Cheerleader

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I tore my left ACL in 2009 and was diagnosed by Dr. Goradia during a school physical. I was worried I would be out from cheerleading for years but was back just 4 months after surgery. When I tore my other ACL a few years later, I returned to Dr. G and had another great result.”

Elizabeth Hopkins, Student Athlete

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I dislocated my knee cap during school track. The pain I experienced was so bad.

I decided to go to Dr. Goradia since he had treated my cousin. After my surgery, I worked very hard in physical therapy so that I would be ready for fall sports. The head therapist, Mike Hathaway, worked with me and showed me exercises that I could do at home as well. Everybody  has been really great and I’m excited to get back to playing sports this year.”

Robert Tarnai, Group Leader at Bioanalytical Lab

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I was having pain and swelling in my left knee that kept me from playing soccer. I drove from the West End of Richmond to Chester to see Dr. Goradia because it was important for me to see the best. His staff was extremely courteous and professional and worked with me to schedule convenient appointments.

Dr. Goradia’s diagnosis was fast and accurate. He performed a knee arthroscopy to treat my torn meniscus and quickly returned me to my active lifestyle without pain. The few extra minutes of driving to see Dr. Goradia was well worth it.”

Graziella Wilson, Epidemiologist with the VA Department of Health Chester

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I am very active in my day to day life and I twisted me knee in 2005 playing basketball with family and friends. Dr. Goradia quickly diagnosed a torn meniscus in my right knee. Within weeks of arthroscopic surgery, I was back to walking and exercising pain free. When my shoulder recently started bothering me I knew that I could depend on Dr. Goradia to help get me back to my activities.”

Ashley Wells, Vollyball Player

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I have had trouble with my knees for years and got to the point of constant pain. My parents took me to other surgeons but they were skeptical about being able to fix my knee.

After spending hours online researching numerous physicians throughout the area, Dr. Goradia’s experience really stood out. I’m happy I took the time to choose the best place for my care. After surgery and rehab I’m now able to play high school volleyball.”

Donnie Lee, Football Player

Dr. Vic Goradia

“My dear friend just suffered an extremely painful knee injury tonight as her volleyball game. She was rushed to the hospital where they told her that they are about 99% sure she tore her ACL.

After my experience with it and my experiences with you, I immediately told her that she should take a visit to your office Saturday morning since you offer the free clinic for athletes. I’m really hoping you can treat her and get her back on her feet as quickly as you did with me, if not faster. I told her that I highly recommended you and that you were a guaranteed result just from my experience.”

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Buddy Jones

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I had severe pain in my shoulder and couldn’t sleep at night, lift or play golf. After trying injections and therapy first, Dr. Goradia ordered an MRI and saw the tear. After arthroscopic surgery I am now 100% and back to all activities and any work that I want to do. I highly recommend Dr. Goradia and his staff.”

Chris Hargrave, Professional Outdoorsman

Dr. Vic Goradia

“Everyone had written me off when I tore my rotator cuff, even my sponsors, I have just two words for them, I’m back! Thank you, Dr. Goradia.”

In 2005 award-winning Professional Outdoorsman and Hunting Guide, Chris Hargrave believed he would never again be able to enjoy the sport he had participated in his entire life—hunting. Years of repetitive wear and tear to the shoulder working as a mechanic at Hercules Inc. resulted in severe shoulder pain and weakness. Chris was referred to Dr. Vic Goradia by his family physician. Dr. Goradia diagnosed his large rotator cuff tear and repaired it arthroscopically. Other professional outdoorsman told Chris they had never seen anyone return to the profession after similar surgery.

In 2007, Chris went on to win his second state championship “The 2007 Virginia Peninsula Sportsman’s Grand Slam Award.”

David Brooks

Dr. Vic Goradia

“Dr. Goradia did surgery on my left shoulder in 2007 and left elbow in 2012. I’m back to full activities and enjoying my golf game with the family. All of Dr. Goradia’s staff are always friendly and caring.”

David Carpenter, Machinist at Honeywell

Dr. Vic Goradia

“My primary care physician referred me to Dr. Goradia to discuss my treatment options.

Due to my long history of dislocations and shoulder instability, we determined that physical therapy was no longer an option for me.

I then decided to have a right shoulder arthroscopy with a capsular repair. Thanks to Dr. Goradia and the  physical therapy team, my shoulder feels better than it has in 15 years.”

Ricky Bakke, U.S. Army

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I was unable to enjoy golf and was unable to do push-ups for my Army Physical Fitness Test.

The surgery was great. The flexibility came back right away and now I am enjoying golf again.

Dr. Goradia and his staff are incredible. I would recommend them to anyone who has pain!”

Dee Short, Owner of Short’s Lawn Care

Dr. Vic Goradia

“My business depends on my physical health. I could not raise my right arm or keep up with the physical demands of my landscaping business.

After Dr. Goradia repaired my torn rotator cuff arthroscopically, I am back trimming branches and growing my business.”

Richard Carvel

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I tore my rotator cuff and was being treated by another physician. I was not happy .

I heard about Dr. Goradia and researched him on the internet. I was able to get right in for an appointment.

He explained everything during my first appointment. After arthroscopic surgery to repair my rotator cuff I was on the road to recovery.

Now I can enjoy boating and riding my motorcycle. I would highly recommend Dr. Goradia.”

Aaron Hall, Hanover H.S. Athlete

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I have had problems with my knees since I was 8 years old and saw several orthopedic surgeons. When I got hurt at the end of a football season a family member recommended I see Dr. Goradia.

My parents and I were worried that I might not be able to play sports again. Dr. Goradia took the time to listen to my concerns and answer all of my questions about surgery and the recovery process.

After arthroscopic reconstruction and repair of both meniscus tears, I was back to playing football 7 months later. Two years later I’m stronger than ever and coaches tell me I may be able to get a college scholarship.”

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John Ware, Owner & Lead Trainer at Boost Fitness

Dr. Vic Goradia

“Physical fitness has been my profession for 24 years. My business and clients depend on my ability to demonstrate physically challenging exercises.

I had put off having surgery for years because I was concerned about the recovery time and how it would impact my business but with the limitations of my injury beginning to impact my livelihood, I finally reached a point where I had to do something.

I specifically chose Dr. Goradia based on his experience and credentials in sports medicine. I had surgery on a Friday and returned to work the following Monday. As for my procedure, Dr. Goradia ‘rocked it’ and I would gladly recommend him to any of my clients.”

Chris Walker, Police Officer

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I was referred to Dr. Goradia after I tore my right medial meniscus during a technical training course. He quickly diagnosed and repaired the tear, allowing me to return to work within a couple of weeks.

I have since returned to Dr. Goradia for other orthopedic needs because of the speed and accuracy of his treatment.”

Katie Duncan, Student Athlete

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I tore my ACL during a high school All-Star Soccer game. After 2 months of conditioning at college, my knee was giving out and causing a lot of pain. A friend recommended Dr. Goradia.

I was able to get an appointment quickly and an MRI the very same day I saw him. Six months after ACL surgery I was back to playing soccer!”

Leon Sydnor, Firefighter

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I had a great experience with Dr. Goradia. Friends that went to other doctors were out of work for months.

Because of Dr. Goradia’s skill I made a full recovery just 4 weeks after removal of a torn meniscus in my right knee. I would highly recommend him to anyone!”