Shoulder Arthritis

Arthritis in the Shoulder

Shoulder arthritis is less common than arthritis in other joints. In general, shoulder arthritis is better tolerated than arthritis in the hip or knee because you don’t put all of your body weight on your shoulders.

In cases where the arthritis does become severe, a shoulder replacement can restore smooth, pain free movement of the joint.

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What Are Shoulder Arthritis Symptoms?

Individuals with shoulder arthritis usually complain of shoulder pain and limited motion, and/or night pain. Activity can aggravate the pain and the shoulder pain generally becomes progressively worse.

If the arthritis is affecting the glenohumeral joint, often the pain is centered in the back of the shoulder, whereas arthritis affecting the acromioclavicular joint usually creates pain in the front.

Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis often feel pain in all areas because both shoulder joints may be affected.

How Is Shoulder Arthritis Diagnosed?

Shoulder Arthritis may be diagnosed through a careful medical history. A physical examination will be taken to assess your shoulder motion, stability and strength and any signs of injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments surrounding the joint. X-rays will be taken to determine the extent of damage.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Shoulder Arthritis Sufferers

Treatments include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, physical therapy and modification of activities.

Surgical Options For Shoulder Arthritis Include:

Arthroscopic Surgery For Shoulder Arthritis

In younger patients or those who are not candidates for a replacement can be treated with a “clean-out” arthroscopic procedure. The main goal is to improve the mobility. Pain relief is less predictable and can vary from patient to patient.

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

This type of surgery is an option if the rotator cuff is not torn or if it is easily repairable. With this surgery the ball and socket are replaced with metal and high strength plastic.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Replacement might be recommended if there is a severe unrepairable rotator cuff tear; a severe fracture or a revision of a standard total shoulder replacement.

This surgery is very similar to total shoulder replacement except the socket is replaced with a “ball” and the ball is replaced with a “socket”. This configuration allows patients to raise their arms even without rotator cuff muscles.

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