Stretching Exercises for Your Lower Body

Stretching Exercises

Here’s some great strengthening exercises for your calves,  legs, hips and knees.

Calf Stretch

With a towel or a belt around your foot, pull toes toward your knee until a stretch is felt. If you are more flexible use your hand to pull toes. Repeat with other leg.

Title Stretch

With your hands on your ankle pull your head toward your knee and hold. Repeat with other leg.

Title Stretch

Gently pull your knee to your chest until a stretch is felt. Hold. Repeat with other leg.

Iliotibial Band Stretching

Place affected leg on opposite knee. Push down on affected knee and pull up on toes to stretch the iliotibial band.

Hip and Knee Stretching-Quadriceps Stretch

Pull heel towards buttock until a stretch is felt in front thigh. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times. Do 2 sessions per day.