Meniscal Repair Rehabilitation Program

Knee Rehabilitation after Meniscus Surgery

Meniscal Repair Protocols

A meniscal repair performed at the time of an ACL reconstruction should undergo the routine ACL rehabilitation protocol! All other meniscal repairs should be rehabilitated as follows:

Weeks 0-6

  • Cryotherapy
  • No weight for 2 weeks then WBAT in knee immobilizer or brace locked on extension
  • ROM exercises 0-90 degrees
  • Should regain full extension or hyperextension by 2-3 weeks
  • Isometric strengthening and quad sets
  • E-stim if quads not firing
  • No open or closed chain exercises
  • Core and hip strengthening

Weeks 6-12

  • WBAT out of brace
  • Progress to full ROM
  • Begin closed chain exercises
  • Continue core and hip exercises
  • Begin dynamic phase once full ROM without pain or swelling and good quad tone
  • Plyometrics and propri