Patient Guide

Dr. Goradia’s goal is to provide the highest level of orthopedic care in the Richmond area. He and his team will make every effort possible to meet your needs. Please use this Patient Guide to assist you with New Patient paperwork, information about surgery and the process for out of town patients to schedule second opinions and surgery.

If you have any questions about scheduling an office appointment with Dr. Goradia or questions about an upcoming surgery, please call 804.678.9000. We are happy to assist you.

Forms to Complete for an Appointment

New Patients:

New patients should print and complete the G2 New Patient Packet, which includes Authorization for Release of Medical Information and all patients should familiarize themselves with our Financial Policy also included.

G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Privacy Policies


Surgery Instructions:

Instructions After Knee Surgeries:

Instructions After Shoulder Surgeries:

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation:

It is important to understand that physical therapy and rehabilitation is not a “one size fits all” program. The follow protocols are only general guidelines. It is my goal as a surgeon to prescribe treatments on an individual basis. I emphasize close communication with the physical therapists or trainer. The patient should also understand that they play a critical role in terms of active participation and compliance. Once the therapy is completed and you have resumed your activities the investment you made will be well worth it.

Knee Protocols

Exercises after Knee Arthroscopy

Shoulder Protocols




Out of Town Patients:

As a nationally known knee, shoulder and sports medicine specialist, Dr. Goradia often sees patients that travel from out of town or even from another state.

We have several recommendations to make best use of your one-on-one time with Dr. Goradia while in the Richmond area. If traveling by air, you will be happy to know that our main office is located within minutes of an international airport.

1. Contact:

Please call our office at 804.678.9000 with your name, phone number and the condition for which you would like to be seen.

2. Gather Your Tests:

Please obtain the actual test (e.g. x-ray or MRI) on a CD along with the report.

3. Operative Report:

If you have had previous surgery on the same body part, you should obtain the surgeon’s operative report from his/her office or from the hospital where it was performed.

4. Fax or mail all Reports to our office. Our address is 100 Concourse Blvd., Suite 150, Glen Allen, VA 23059. Fax: (804) 377-1246.

5. Our office will Call You to discuss next steps once Dr. Goradia has reviewed your records.

Dr. Goradia will review the reports and our office will call you with next steps.

If Additional Testing Needed

Our office will schedule you to see Dr. Goradia in the morning and have you complete further testing after your appointment followed by a follow-up visit with Dr. Goradia later the same day or the next day. At that time a treatment plan will be discussed with you.

If Surgery is Recommended

If we know in advance of your appointment that surgery may be required, we will make every effort to schedule it the day after your appointment so you can get everything completed in one visit.

If during your appointment it is determined that surgery is needed, then it will be scheduled and you will need to return for the operation.

After Surgery

One week after surgery – You will need to see a physician to check your incision and have sutures removed. This can be done by your local physician or you can return to see Dr. Goradia. You will also be provided a prescription with instructions for you to begin Physical Therapy with someone in your area. Our office will assist you in coordinating this.

One month after surgery – You should return to see Dr. Goradia with an update note from your therapist. Depending on your progress, the type of surgery performed and your comfort level with your local physician, further follow-up appointments with Dr. Goradia will be discussed with you.