Patellofemoral Kneecap Pain

Articular Cartilage Grade II

A cartilage tear cause a loose flap that catches.

What Is Patellofemoral Knee Pain?

“This is a very common diagnosis that can be caused by a variety of different abnormalities. It is important find a knee specialist that will carefully determine the true cause so appropriate treatment can begin.” Dr. Goradia

Patellofemoral Knee Pain – What Are The Potential Causes?

patellar subluxation

Subluxation means maltracking.

There are several causes for patellofemoral knee pain including:

Chondromalcacia – which means damaged cartilage can cause swelling, catching, locking or giving way as opposed to healthy cartilage which is normally a hard, smooth layer that cushions bone and allows the joint to move easily.

Malalignment – Abnormal alignment of bones or muscles can cause knee cap pain

Maltracking – The kneecap (patella) normally tracks along the thighbone (femur) in a small groove (trochlea). If the patella slides out of the trochlea, pain and apprehension can occur.

As a fellowship trained expert in knees, Dr. Goradia has performed thousands of knee operations.

He will review non-surgical treatment options with you and only recommend partial or total knee replacement if absolutely needed.

How Is Patellofemoral Knee Pain Diagnosed?

Patellofemoral pain may be diagnosed through a careful history medical history.  Dr. Goradia will perform a physical examination to assess your knee motion, stability and strength and overall leg alignment.  X-rays may be performed to determine the extent of damage and deformity of your knee.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Patellofemoral Pain

Options include physical therapy, bracing and anti-inflammatory medications are often the first line of treatment. The therapy program emphasizes muscle strengthening which can dramatically improve symptoms.

chondroplastySurgical Treatment Options For Patellofemoral Pain

  • Arthroscopic surgery for chondromalcia can be performed to “smooth” the tears.



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  • Malalignment may require a procedure known as a tibial tubercle or Fulkerson osteotomy. While this procedure may seem dramatic, if the condition is diagnosed correctly the surgery can resolve the abnormal alignment and pain.



MPFL reconstruction

  • Maltracking is often due to a loose medial patellofemoral ligament. Reconstructing this ligament will prevent the patella from coming out of the trochlear groove.

Elizabeth Hopkins, Student Athlete

Dr. Vic Goradia

“I dislocated my knee cap during school track. The pain I experienced was so bad.

I decided to go to Dr. Goradia since he had treated my cousin. After my surgery, I worked very hard in physical therapy so that I would be ready for fall sports. The head therapist, Mike Hathaway, worked with me and showed me exercises that I could do at home as well. Everybody has been really great and I’m excited to get back to playing sports this year.”

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Why G2 Orthopedics and Sports Medicine?

Whether working with recreational athletes, injured workers, or any other individuals, Dr.Goradia provides each patient with the quality of care given to professional athletes.

Dr. Goradia is a leading knee and shoulder specialist and one of the first U.S. orthopedic surgeons to be certified in sports medicine as a subspecialty.

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