Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain and typically affects patients as they get older.

There are three basic types of arthritis that may affect the knee joint:

  • Osteoarthritis – the most common form, and one that most often affects middle-age and older individuals.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – an inflammatory type of arthritis that can destroy the joint cartilage, and usually affects both knees.
  • Post-traumatic Arthritis – which can develop after a knee injury such as a fracture, ligament injury or meniscus tear.

Dr. Goradia will review non-surgical treatment options for knee arthritis with you and only recommend partial or total knee replacement if absolutely needed.

The most common symptoms of knee arthritis include:

  • Pain with activities
  • Limited range of motion
  • Stiffness of the joint
  • Swelling of the joint
  • Tenderness of the knee
  • A feeling the knee may give out
  • Deformity of the joint

Knee Arthritis Diagnosis

Knee Arthritis may be diagnosed through a careful history medical history. A physical examination will be taken to assess your knee motion, stability and strength and overall leg alignment.

X-rays will be performed to determine the extent of damage and deformity of your knee.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Arthritis Sufferers

  • Diet and exercise, physical therapy, medications, glucosamine, Visco-supplementation- sometimes called “gel” injections, cortisone injections

Surgical Treatment Options

  • Partial replacement
  • Total Knee Replacement

“In many cases the non-surgical treatments can prevent or significantly delay a replacement for years.” Dr.Goradia

Sandra Milum, 79

Dr. Vic Goradia

“Total left knee replacement – Dr. Goradia and his staff are very helpful and always responded if I had questions. A pleasant experience.

No more knee pain. And I’m back as a MHNE volunteer twice weekly!”

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