Shoulder Bursitis

Bursitis and Tendonitis – Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

“Bursitis and tendonitis are very common conditions often caused by impingement syndrome that can usually be treated without surgery. It is, however, important to have a careful evaluation to make certain there isn’t a partial rotator cuff or biceps tendon tear.” – Dr. Goradia

what is Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
Impingement Syndrome causes bursitis (inflammation of the bursa sac) and/or tendonitis (inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons) which leads to shoulder pain.

  • It occurs when the rotator cuff tendons and bursa are squeezed under the acromion bone
  • Typically happens as a result of bone spurs, injury, repetitive overhead lifting or muscle weakness

What Are Common Symptoms Of Bursitis and Tendonitis?remove bone spur

  • Pain with elevation of the arm overhead
  • Pain at night while sleeping due to lying on the shoulder
  • Difficulty lifting overhead
  • Weakness in arm
  • Mild stiffness

How Is Shoulder Bursitis and Tendonitis Diagnosed?

It is diagnosed through a careful history medical history and physical examination which will assess shoulder motion, stability and strength.  X-rays may be performed to determine if there are any bone spurs, calcium deposits or arthritis.

Treatment Options for Bursitis and Tendonitis Include:

  • Rest from overhead use and heavy lifting
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce inflammation
  • Cortisone injection to reduce inflammation (faster than pills)
  • Exercise program to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles
  • If pain continues Dr. Goradia may recommend arthroscopic surgery to remove the swollen bursa sac and/or to remove bone spurs.

As a fellowship trained expert, Dr. Goradia has treated thousands of shoulders.

He will review all treatment options with you and only recommend the least invasive option to cure your condition.

David Brooks

shoulder specialist henrico

“Dr. Goradia did surgery on my left shoulder in 2007 and left elbow in 2012. I’m back to full activities and enjoying my golf game with the family.

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