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“Finally we have a procedure to restore cartilage with a single operation that is cost effective and uses the natural healing of OrthoBiologics.” Dr.Goradia


Biocartilage Implant For The Knee

When healthy, the cartilage allows our joints their range-of-motion and helps provide shock absorption. When knee cartilage is damaged, it can cause pain, joint swelling, stiffness and a loss of range-of-motion.

Once it has been damaged cartilage is not able to regenerate which can lead to tissue damage and defect to the area. This often results in swelling, pain and restricted mobility. When articular cartilage breaks down or is damaged, small holes can result.

With biocartilage for the knee, we can:

  • Treat the damaged cartilage
  • Eliminate knee pain and increase joint mobility
  • Ensure a faster recovery time than traditional treatments for damaged joint cartilage
  • If treated early, we can potentially prevent the need for a joint replacement

As an expert in cartilage treatment, Dr. Goradia closely assesses each patient’s condition and discusses the best options.

Am I a candidate for treatment with BioCartilage?

If you are interested in learning whether you are a good candidate for this type of treatment, contact us today.

Wanda Jerome

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